Sunday, 23 September 2012

GROUP 3: Connection and Disconnect (Villa Bollen and Mobius House)

                                                         Alfonso Melero Beviá
Hilal Aksu / Connection-Disconnection

                                                         Macu de la Vega Cartagena

Alicia Fernández Serrano

    Luis Ortiz Martínez

Esther Moreno Romero de Ávila

Natalie Petricca
This montage touches on the theme of connection in the Villa Bollen. The white line represents this continuity, but it also comments on the stark separation between outside and inside, old and new.  The man connects with the outside visually, which brings another element of life to his existence.

plug-in nature
Murat Çokçeken

Jaclyn Squizzato - Perspective:

This montage frames the completed form of the Mobius House using Ben Van Berkel’s form, and allows the viewer to see through this frame to an abstracted/simplified concept of the house. The intent was to blur the lines of connect/disconnect and create a potential in-between space - through the contrast of color vs. B/W, and abstract vs. built.