Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Architectural Idea / Möbius on pedestal - Möbius as Icon
Time revolves everything except 'desire of nature'
hilal aksu

Villa Bollen a socially acceptable architectural icon.
Alicia Fernández

Mobius house, 24 hour family cycle
Luis Ortiz Martínez


                                               24 hour family cycle, MOBIUS HOUSE                                                        

                                            Macu de la Vega Cartagena


In the 21st century the distinction between living space and working space is diametric. The icon of the ‘home’ is socially regarded the centre for the family, while the office is focused on the productivity of an individual. Typically the two are not intentionally designed into a cohesive architectural whole, and when the office is included in the home it is more generally through the re-appropriation of unused family space. To communicate this I re-appropiated the original montage, weaving the strips together in a spontaneous method which contrasts the static concept of the Mobius band. 

Jaclyn Squizzato

     "A connection to nature."  Esther Moreno Romero de Ávila

Villa Bollen "Re-imagined connection to nature in the 21st century"
Alfonso Melero Beviá

Villa Bollen "Removal from nature 21st century"
Murat Çokçeken

Bridging old and new, architecture and nature
This montage talks about the addition to the old house as a bridge between both architecture (and the family) and nature, but also the original old house, and the new, the future.  This moment of separation between inside and outside, old and new is no longer a wall, but a space and a length of time in which the 2 blend and mingle.

Natalie Petricca