Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Why look for a place for poetry when we define poetry as a place?

Poetry enters in our mind for creating spaces that overlap each other to create the perfect architectural atmosphere.

Cristina Carpintero López

Do spaces exist without poetry in 2012? Reference to Peter Zumthor.

"We cannot remember without architecture" but often spaces of poetry exist far from the city.

Silvia Capone

Exploring the issues of the revival of memory in our present day society. The lack of diversity (i.e. suburban lands) and conservation, that we are not active contributors to the process of integrating into the memory of places.

Kasey Camire


What kind of space do you need to read poetry?

Architecture and Poetry have this achieve jointly the Beauty across only the indispensable number of elements with which it is constructed. This way to read a poem is like to see architecture. It is necessary to stop, see her from a distance, then to see the details, to savour it and to smell her. This way, like the architecture it is necessary to see her, a poem it is necessary to listen and to see the rhyme and the rhythm. But, undoubtedly, both it is necessary to feel them.
" The spaces 
not only have to work, 
must work, 
but as well as, 
it must be as beautiful as possible "

Águeda Contreras García


What does poetry mean in 2012?

Poetry can stop the flow of time. This can happen anywhere in the city.
We need it

Claudia Carrisi  


Suburbanism: nature and escape.
The suburbanism houses are to escape of the rutine, stress, noise... when you go out the center of the city, you can feel the freedom and look at the beauty of the landscape. You can feel the world.

Alba María Castillo Marqués


On this picture is represented the interpretation of the city of Aldo Rossi where he said that the form prevail over the use. In the picture you can see Seville on the background. On the left, at the top, there are buildings that on the past have one use different that the actually, that actually uses are under those, like cigarette factory, San Telmo’s Palace, gas factory or a theatre that now they are an university, an administration building, a fitness center or a book shop. On the right you see new buildings where the form isn’t important than the use like a shopping center or a new fitness center, but there are also som buildings that the form is important than the use like the new building of congresses and expositios or the “metrosol parasol” that is a wood estructure that have on the top a gallery with coffee shop, shops and a balcony.

So with this I want represent that the different of the build now or build at the past because at the past, there are too many buildings that the form is important that the use but now we only take the use and the form is something that go along with the use. So in the Baião house the form of the ruins have the value but on the house prevais the use.
Eduardo González Vázquez


Recycling and conservation in 2012
Not only to recycle and conserve materials, but also the landscape, memory of the place trough old people, stoned touch and smell, reusing local materials
Álvaro Madero Carrasco

What is poetry in 2012?

Poetry in 2012 is the study of life. But because of the stressful life of 2012 poetry must allow for an escape from that reality while also maintaining a connection back. There is now a dialogue between the fast pace life of 2012 and the tranquillity and calmness of poetry.