Thursday, 18 October 2012


Megan Beange


Segio Navarro García

"A new window for art"
Inés Martínez Diez

Juan José Ruiz Hernández

Rubén Martínez Sanchís

Tatiana Ferrer Sarmiento
Jose Diaz Mollà

Aaron Janushewski

Emily Monette


Kaveh Baradaran 

Tim Brazeau

Raquel Plaza González
This system of access to housing in which we can bring down the windows when we want it makes the sound of nature (movement of trees, wind, rain, etc) to flow through the house and be able to penetrate inside and coexist with the wind instrument that sounds within.


Irene Cortizo Jiménez
What will happen when somebody is cooking, it will make a noise that will mix with the flute´s sound, it can be good but it can also be annoying. But... this is coexistence!

Juan Antonio Alvarado Cano

Skylight Accordion - Coexisiting is enjoy.

Javier Torres Soler

Elif Araç

Ziba Akarcalı


Hilal Aksu

Esther Moreno Romero de Ávila

-Two actions in the same space: work and relationship with the family. Nature is now inside the house through all the spaces-

Macu de la Vega Cartagena

Alicia Fernández Serrano

 Luis Ortiz Martínez

Alfonso Melero Beviá

Murat Çokçeken

"The aim of the intervention is to be able to divide the house into pieces to make the residents more bounded to the nature when it's needed. By this view, the patio, as a part of the house which is both related with the interior and the exterior, is converted into a pavement with hexagonal wood patterns which can be raised as a chair or a table while not being aparted from the grass ground to manage hosting the neighbours or the coffee breaks."

Jaclyn Squizzato

Natalie Petricca


Michael Palmisciano


Chris Wilson

Dudley Jones

Fabrizio Vizzi

Neus Giménez Agulló

Jaclyn Ng

José Manuel Rodríguez Cañizares

^Colleen McKeracher^

  Giuseppe Massacci


Silvia Capone

Kasey Camire


Eduardo González

Claudia Carrisi

Álvaro Madero Carrasco

Cristina Carpintero López

Alba Mª Castillo Marqués

Águeda Contreras Garcia
To enjoy the perfection of our wines we need a series of specific environmental conditions accompanying the five senses in the enjoyment of wine. 
In the environment in which the house is located, depending on the day and time these conditions may be abroad or not, for this reason it is necessary to create two types of places for tasting. One of them would be the "natural area": ​​space fully adapted to the terrain in which the user is completely free to choose how you want to enjoy this moment. The other stations is the call "artificial space" built in that place where everything is controlled, where the atmosphere is right regardless of what happens on the outside.