Thursday, 11 October 2012


Group: 1
Student's name:

Megan Beange

Emily Monette

Aaron Janushewski

Sergio Navarro García
Spece to fight
Jose Díaz Mollá
Group: 2

Kaveh Baradaran

Tim Brazeau
Ziba Akarcalı

Irene Cortizo Jiménez

Raquel Plaza González

Student's name:

Luis Ortiz Martínez

Alicia Fernández Serrano

Jaclyn Squizzato

Natalie Petricca

Macu de la Vega Cartagena

Esther Moreno Romero de Ávila

Group: 4
Student's name:

José Manuel Rodríguez Cañizares

Jaclyn Ng

Michael Palmisciano: go up, pick up a book, read


Dudley Jones - 
The Functional Staircase: activity is reading...This demonstartes accessibility to information for all and a place to carry out the activity. For this, the space where the hydraulic platform used to operate has now been utilised for this activity as its original function is no longer needed.

Colleen McKeracher
Neus Giménez Agulló

Group: 5
Student's name:


Silvia Capone