Sunday, 14 October 2012


Group 1
Student's name+title:

...waiting for the most important activity of the day
Borja Castillo Alberola

- Aaron Janushewski

 "Transforming Ingredients"
-Emily Monette

-View through movement and time-
Inés Martínez Diez

-From the pot to the table
Sergio Navarro García

Training space - Therapy
Jose Díaz Mollá
 -Drawing as entertainment / therapy-
Tatiana Ferrer Sarmiento

Juan José Ruiz Hernández

private/social activities
Rubén Martínez Sanchís

Group 2

Tim Brazeau

Raquel Plaza González

A normal dinner

...and happy birthday to you!

the same place, different actions, different people, more movement

Manuel Sempere Díaz
Transform the dinning room in a cinema, trying to improve family relationships and coexistence. 
Juan Antonio Alvarado Cano
To foment the coexistence between members in the family could be generate a  new space or room where nature, culture and the creativity of children could increase . For do that, I would use a big planes of glass which cover all of room following a form that It can favor the acoustic.

Children could grow up in a more cultural and natural environment.

Javier Torres Soler

...Coexisting is enjoy.

Kaveh Bradaran


Ziba Akarcali

Balance for Coexistance

Irene Cortizo Jiménez

Elif Araç

Group 3

Natalie Petricca
hilal aksu

Luis Ortiz Martínez 

Jaclyn Squizzato

Diagram Dimensions: 
Family, Nature and Work Space

Alicia Fernández


Alfonso Melero Beviá

Esther Moreno Romero de Ávila
-Different positions in a day's work. 
Relate to the family in free time-

Macu de la Vega Cartagena

 Group 4

Michael Palmisciano


Jaclyn Ng


Colleen McKeracher

Dudley Jones

Giuseppe Massacci

Chris Wilson

Neus Giménez Agulló

José Manuel Rodríguez Cañizares

Group 5

Silvia Capone


Claudia Carrisi

Eduardo González Vázquez

Águeda Contreras García

Alba Mª Castillo Marqués

Cristina Carpintero López
Álvaro Madero